Medical Accommodation

  • Only as documented and approved through Disability Services (DS) or Human Resources (HR) with reasonable accommodation.

Medical Concern

  • Concern or objection expressed but not registered and approved through DS or HR.
  • Students, staff, or faculty should be advised of accommodation process and referred to DS or HR as appropriate.


Students with Disability Services-approved medical accommodations may:

  1. May participate in distance or online learning.
  2. Must comply with the face mask mandate while on campus.


Staff with HR-approved medical accommodations may:

  1. Request a remote work agreement.
  2. Use accrued personal days and vacation leave.
  3. Request an unpaid leave of absence.
  4. Discuss options with supervisor and HR team.


Faculty with HR-approved medical accommodations may:

  1. Request Statement of Work (SOW) adjustment to accommodate remote work.
  2. Discuss options with Dean.

NOTE: Bellevue University is committed to working with students and employees individually if the options above do not address specific needs.