Let’s Be Safe Together

Face Masks

  • If you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you are not required to wear a face covering on our Bellevue and Lozier campuses, and this includes classroom settings. If you are fully vaccinated and wish to continue wearing a mask, please continue to do so.
  • If you have not been vaccinated, you should continue to wear a face covering to protect yourself, your family and vulnerable members of the Bellevue University community.
  • Disposable face masks are available in each classroom. Those with questions about acceptable masks should refer to Face Mask Reasonable Accommodations available at covid-19.bellevue.edu.

Social Distancing

People who are unvaccinated should work to maintain 6′ of distance between themselves and others in campus settings.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

  • Cleaning and sanitizing supplies are available in each classroom.
  • Students and faculty should clean/sanitize their work area and/or keyboard at the beginning of class.

Respect & Flexibility

  • Do not make assumptions about anyone’s health as symptoms may be related to existing or underlying health conditions.
  • Remote learning options are available for those unable to attend class in person.
  • All students should respond to the Bruin Return to Learn screening survey, which is emailed to students each day, before coming to a Bellevue University campus location.

Campus Guidelines

Detailed Bellevue University COVID-19 Campus Guidelines are available online at: covid-19.bellevue.edu.
If someone chooses to not comply with stated guidelines, faculty may:

  1. Request compliance.
  2. Ask non-complying student to leave classroom.
  3. Dismiss class/other students from the classroom.

Resources & Questions

For cleaning/sanitizing supplies and disposable masks:
Email: maintenance@bellevue.edu
Call Security: 402-557-5000

Classroom situations related to non-compliance with guidelines:
Email Dean of Students: DSO@bellevue.edu
Call Dean of Students: 402-557-7744
Call Security in urgent situations: 402-557-5000

Refer to posted information and resources at: covid-19.bellevue.edu
Faculty Resources Development website at: frd.bellevue.edu
Email: COVIDResponse@bellevue.edu